December 20, 2018


Sellers and brands experience various pain points on the Amazon platform. These could be:

  • Listing suspensions
  • Account suspensions
  • Lost buybox
  • Broken variations
  • Squatters and hijackers
  • FBA issues
  • Etc. etc.

Some of these issues additionally require interaction with Seller Support, which can be an art form in and of itself — and it’s all getting unnecessarily complex.

Who can keep up with all this?

I can!

Katja Bell

Hi! I’m an independent Amazon consultant helping sellers, manufacturers, and brands launch, sell, and fix problems across multiple locales, including Europe and the United States.

Why work with me?

  • Former Amazonian
  • 12+ years experience with Amazon & Seller Central
  • 4+ years experience as an FBA seller myself
  • Analyst & problem solver: I love troubleshooting!
  • I love flatfiles (“inventory loader files”) to help upload, update, and fine-tune listings
  • I also love multi-channel platforms such as ChannelAdvisor
  • Located in Europe and fluent in French & German
  • Fluent in Seller Support-ese (ever get frustrated with them?)
  • Business Reporting

You know your why and your what; let me help you with the how.

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